Steering Committee


The Steering Committee (SC) will provide overall direction to M-ROC, its Committees and Membership to fulfill the mission of M-ROC. The mission is as stated: “To identify, prioritize, and coordinate fulfillment of unmet disaster-related needs of individuals and families directly affected by the Redwood Complex Fire.”

Following are the primary responsibilities of the SC:

  • Provide overall direction to Mendocino-ROC, its Committees and Membership.
  • Establish defined criteria and prioritization for allocation of resources for the Unmet Needs and Case Management committees to support fire survivors.
  • Provide oversight to staff and volunteers who support the work of M-ROC.
  • Engagement and execution of contracts.
  • Public relations.
  • Calling regular and special meetings as needed.

Committee Members

Each Steering Committee Member shall have one vote. Members of the SC include:

  • Megan Barber Allende – Chair (The Community Foundation)
  • Patty Bruder – Vice-chair (NCO)
  • Tammy Moss Chandler – County of Mendocino Leadership Liaison and People Helping People Committee (Director Disaster Recovery)
  • Tami Bartolomei –Unmet Needs Committee (City of Ukiah)
  • Sheilah Rogers and Christine Boyd – Redwood Valley Municipal Advisory Committee
  • Danielle Rodrick Juszczak – Materials Donation Committee (Ukiah Donation Center)
  • Melody Osburn – Materials Donation Committee (Potter Valley Donation Center)
  • Kevin Cox – Construction Committee (HOPE City)
  • Megan Van Sant – Case Management Committee (County of Mendocino)
  • Kevin Murphy – Spiritual Emotional Support Committee (Ukiah United Methodist Church)
  • Christine Hawley – Spiritual Emotional Support Committee (Cal HOPE)
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