Material Donations


The Materials Donation Committee (MDC) works to secure and manage donations and other resources for Mendocino – ROC and coordinates with other entities (e.g., manufacturers or suppliers) to secure and manage donations.

Following are the primary responsibilities of the MDC:

  • Receive and track material donations from donors.
  • Distribute and track material donations to individuals and families impacted by the fires.
  • Coordinate the distribution of donations received equitably among donation centers.
  • Refer individuals and families impacted by the fires to the Case Management process.


Committee Members

Members of the Materials Donation Committee (MDC) include:

  • Danielle aka Danilla Sands, Ukiah Relief Center
  • Melody Osburn, Potter Valley Center
  • Crystal Guyette, Willits Center
  • Stephanie Dunken, Slam Dunk Pizza
  • Tami Bartolomei, City of Ukiah
  • Rebecca Enberg, NCO


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