Fundraising and Finance Committee


The Finance and Fundraising Committee (FFC) is the place for service organizations to identify the best ways to maximize and leverage financial resources to be able to cover unmet needs, as well as raise funds to grow available resources.

 Following are the primary responsibilities of the FFC:

  • Collaborate with community organizations to combine resources for maximum impact in serving unmet needs of fire survivors.
  • Raise funds to utilize for unmet needs for survivors.
  • Provide financial resources to the unmet needs committee for allocation to survivors.


Committee Members

Members of the Finance and Fundraising Committee include:

  • Megan Barber Allende (Community Foundation of Mendocino County) – Chair
  • Carolyn Welch (NCO)
  • Mary Anne Petrillo (West Co)
  • Darcie Antle (County of Mendocino)
  • Scott Hegan and Harvey Barker (Rotary Dist 5130)
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